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Complementary designs other authors to YU1LM design


   At this page I shall present some complementary designs from other authors. This designs will help homebrews to easy solve some missing components complementary with my designs. Some of them I tested and I am recommending.

Synthesizer for SDR RX/TX/TRX bands 3.5,  7 and 14 MHz built by Pavel RZ6FY

DR2B SDR receiver built by Pavel Bakulin RZ6FY and his PLL synthesizer with IC LM7000 for bands 14, 7, 3.5 MHz. Synthesizer dimensions are the same as DR2B and it  is controlled via serial COM port ( with his control software see PC screen shot above) http://forum.cqham.ru/viewtopic.php?t=10988&postdays=0requency &postorder=asc&&start=180

RZ6FY SDR Syntetisizer .pdf

Active small HF antenna, miniwhip by Reolof Bakker PA0RDT & Aldo Moroni

    This design and articles aren't my design but I checked them successfully. I designed all SDR RXs to be capable to handle strong signals from big antennas like mine (84m and 168m horizontal delta loops). Many homebrew builders have handicap that they can't erract "monsters" like mine. They have very limited space but with help of this very good and small active antenna built and designed by Reolof Bakker PA0RDT & Aldo Moroni every my SDR RX can receive weak signals in HF range. Thanks for this articles goes to my friend Gabriel Scevlik from Slovakia.

Miniwhip active antenna by Reolof PA0RDT.pdf

SMT HF SDR receiver based on DR2A+ design with LO  2 x working frequency by Petr Vagner OK2CPV 

This design is very interesting and it is similar to mine SDR RX inside unpublished design  AVALA-05 I checked it successfully. It is very interesting that both arrived to the similar solutions. SMT SDR RX is designed by Petr OK2CPV.

SMT HF SDR Receiver DR2A+ design OK2CPV & YU1LM.pdf