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      RF/SDR accessories by YU1LM

All published designs and materials are free for personal and non commercial use. Other use for commercial purpose are not allowed without permission of the author.

Universal HF/VHF crystal oscillator with 4 crystal quartz switching possibility 

    This is my attempt to make universal low noise switching  oscillator for use with mine HF/VHF SDR projects or high frequency reference oscillator for DDS IC like AD9850/AD9851...... Oscillator realization is very easy, simple and repetitive and I attached a lot of simulation diagrams.

HF-VHF universal crystal oscillator-YU1LM.pdf

World known VHF /UHF expert Leif SM5BSZ gave some comments after he built one overtone oscillator for SDR please visit  http://www.sm5bsz.com/osc/colpitts.htm

      Universal HF/VHF crystal oscillator with 9  crystal  

for SDR harmonically related bands

 Multichannel and multiband  crystal oscillator with 9 crystal for operation on harmonically related bands and 137kHz also.

 Multichannel-Multiband crystal oscillator for SDR-YU1LM.pdf