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HF SDR (Software Defined Radio) transmitters

All published designs and materials are free for personal and non commercial use. Other use for commercial purpose are not allowed without permission of the author.

  SDR (Software Defined Radio) HF Receivers and Transmitters SSB/ CW/ AM/ FM .... based on 74HC4066 IC from 30 kHz to 70 MHz

    SDR is future of radio, maximum flexibility a lot of possibility from the same hardware, what was very hard to achieve with hardware realization now is very easy by software this is very obvious in transmission parts.

Part 2.  DT1 DSB modulator for frequency from 30 kHz-70MHz with very good linearity and  DT2 SSB/CW or any other modulation which can be generate with I/Q signals SDR HF 30 kHz-35 MHz low power transmitter.


Part 3.  SDR HF receivers DR1A (Advanced) similar to the DR1 but with improved specifications the same situation is with DR2A and improved DR2 and transmitter DT2A. Practical experience and answers on questions.


   DT2A SDR transmitter built by Gerard F6BSZ


SDR TX projects DT1, DT2 and DT2A built by author Tasa YU1LM/QRP    

Correction for YU1LM previously published SDR designs

    I made a lot of designs and I am  trying  to do best from my side always. I made some mistakes because PCB and schematics are not done one from other. I made this two activity separately because PCB design in CAD not satisfying me with results which it made automatically. This is reason why I hadn't always good correspondence between each other. Also sometimes I made some correction on my realized PCBs before publishing and I accidentally  made some errors trying to do design better. I have ask all readers and homebrew apologize for  inconveniences  and ask all to help me and other homebrew fans to find them. I made check few times but mistakes obey Murphy low and it is hard to prevent them.

YU1LM SDR designs correction- November 2006.pdf