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                WHY QRP ?

            " TO DO MORE WITH LESS"


I shall try to find reasons why is QRP work joy-fun, challenge and skill at the same time. QRP operation is very close to the roots of HAM movements at the beginning. At that time HAM operators built their RIG-s and antennas. It was really big technical challenge  to obtain  any RF milliwatts or Watts output power at that time.

JOY-FUN, If you once tried to make QSO with QRP power level (max 5Wout) and succeed you feel joy and satisfaction with success ,with fact that is communication possible. After that if you made thousands of QSO-s as I did (more than 75 000 QSO-s for 35 years operation and 285 DXCC (167 DIGI modes)countries with all modes CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK, MFSK16, MT63, THROB and SSTV) you will enjoy in every QSO and feel fun. If you built your own  RIG or some station accessories  you will feel joy too and satisfaction in every QSO you made with it.

CHALLENGE Every QSO you made is challenge for you, your RIG, antennas and correspondent at the another side. Is it possible to pass through the PILE UP-s QRO stations (RF powers more, much more  than 5Watt out). Or is it possible to make QSO with another QRP station at the other side of the world thousands km (miles) far away. Is it possible to make QSO with simple RIG with few parts. Answer for the challenge is YES all this is possible. The mathematic for the above if you interested. One S unit = 6dB (power 4 times)

100Watts out  normal commercial RIG and you received   report       RST  599

10Watts out  power reduction of 10dB you will still receive  report    RST 579-589

5Watts  out  power reduction of 13dB you  will still receive  report    RST 579

1.25Watts out power reduction of 18dB you will still receive  report   RST 569

300mWatts out power reduction of 24dB you will still receive report  RST 559

75mWatts out power reduction of ~30dB you will still receive report RST 549  

20mWatts out power reduction of 36dB you will still receive RST 539 !!!!

Of course this mathematics is true as linear function in circumstances that we have  low QRN and QRM (atmospheric and man made noise) in propagation.                   

Put your QRP 5Watts out into a good antenna (like a beam or quad  with gain 8-10dB), you will be heard like 100W station into a simple antenna like dipole or GP.

SKILL- Try DX -ing with QRP power for the change .To be successful with QRP you will soon learn advanced operating techniques like careful listening, timing your call or selecting the best way or transmitting frequency . You will learn how to pass in PILE-UPs that will help you  to earn rare DX station or work hundred or even more (more than thousands) QSOs in Contests.