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Presentations and SDR workshops related to the YU1LM/QRP designs

First SDR work demonstration in Serbia organized by KKE club and Academic Radio Club "Mihaijlo Pupin" YU1EXY clubs  Beograd 30 March 2006

From left to right Tasa YU1LM ,Mile YU1MD and Miki YU1KM

Demonstration SDR work organized by my amateur radio club YU1FJK( Contest call 4N1A ) Beograd March 2007

YZ1BX OP. VEL was demonstrating SDR work with DR2A and experience YU1EXY( Contest call 4O1A ) in CQWW contest 2007 160m. Standing from left to right YU1AA Aca seating YU1LM Tasa, YU1EW Zoran and standing YZ1BX Vel at front table.

Demonstration SDR work organized by YU7BPQ amateur radio club Novi Sad April 2007

YU1LM/QRP  was demonstrating SDR work

SDR Workshop with more than 35 participants organized by Rahul VU3WJM in IIT Kampur India, subject was YU1LM/QRP's DR2B modified by Rahul


SDR Workshop with 20 participants organized by Larry F6FVY, Laurent F6GOX... in France ARP Club Paris 2007 subject was YU1LM/QRP's DR2C . All receivers finished successfully.

Tasa YU1LM/QRP and  Goran YT7PWR ware demonstrating new SDR HF+6m transceiver Genesis G59 in Academic Radio Club "Mihaijlo Pupin" YU1EXY Beograd date 18.March 2010.  for more INFO about G59 visit www.genesisradio.com.au

from left to right Tasa YU1LM G59 designer is sitting , Goran YT7PWR GSDR SDR softwer author is standing  and  Sasa YU1EO SDR enthusiast is sitting

The G59 demonstration visitors from left to right Tika YU1CY,Goran YT7PWR, Sima YT5T,Alex YT1TA, Vlasta YT1VLA, Fritz YU1WC, Ljuba YU1PIL, Role YT2RA and YU1LM is sitting.

The G59 demonstration visitors from left to right Kraka YU1DK, Nikola YT2WW and Miki YU1EXY OP and YU1LM are standing,  unknown visitor, Zarko YU1MK, Tika YU1CY, Tonci YT5MW and Dule YT0ED are sitting